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Initial Training

Initial Training

If you haven’t completed Level I already, please see the Getting Started page for prerequisites.

After you complete Level I you should complete the following on-line modules.

  1.  Emergency Services – CAP Aircrew Members and Staff wishing to participate in Search and Rescue or other Air Operations should take the following courses. Each course is short, to the point and has links to referenced documents:
    1. CAP Courses in Learning Management System (must be logged in)
      Aircraft Ground Handling Course
      CAPT 116 – General Emergency Services
      CAPT 117 Emergency Services Part I
      CAPT 117 Emergency Services Part II

      CAPT 117 Emergency Services Part III
    2. iCUT Communications Training
    3. FEMA Courses (download your certificates upon completion of each course)
      Once completed, upload into eServices and email your FEMA certificates to the Squadron Commander for verification.
  2. Staff Positions – The Squadron has a wide variety of Staff Positions. Like they say ‘It takes a village’ to run the place. The best way to learn about the various positions is to review the CAP Pamphlets that describe the job the talk to someone who performs the job currently to see if it truly where you would like to start. Pamphlets are located on the CAP National Website.
  3. Pilots – We are always in need of pilots. We are not a flying club…we are dedicated to flying activities that supports CAP Core Missions. If you desire to become a CAP Mission Pilot please understand this type of flying, especially in the mountains of Colorado, is not for everyone. Having said all that here is what it takes to become a CAP Pilot.
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