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Cadet Encampment

C/Capt Taylor Coffey has been selected as the 2019 Encampment Cadet Commander and has chosen the Lockheed-Martin F-35 "Lightning II" as this year's theme aircraft.

Encampment Commander

Lt Col Don Bolles

Encampment Mailing Addresses

Colorado Wing CAP Encampment
19210 East Breakenridge Avenue, Stop 33
Buckley Air Force Base, CO 80011-9525


COWG Encampment

Held yearly at the United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Wing encampment is a fantastic opportunity for new cadets to learn about teamwork, leadership, aerospace, emergency services, and military customs and courtesies. Attending Encampment is required to earn the Billy Mitchell Award, and cadets may return to the encampment as staff. Encampments are one of the most popular and worthwhile activities available to cadets. They challenge cadets to develop self-discipline and teamwork while broadening their understanding of aerospace. Most encampments are conducted on a military installation. We highly recommend cadets attend encampment as soon as they can.

Following COWG Encampment tradition, each year's Cadet Commander selects the “Theme Aircraft” for the encampment from current or historically significant U.S. Air Force aircraft.

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