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Cadet Encampment Staff Selection Activity (CESSnA)



CESSnA is an acronym for Cadet Encampment Staff Selection Activity. CESSnA is an in-person skills assessment.  Cadets who have completed a student encampment are eligible to apply for a cadet staff position at the next Colorado Wing Encampment. CESSnA evaluates cadet knowledge, skill, and experience to select the best performers from all applicants to serve as cadet staff.

CESSnA will be on Saturday, 21 March 2020 at Colorado Military Academy, 360 Command View, Colorado Springs  CO 80915.  Sign-in starts at 0830 with skill assessments starting at 0900.  ABU's are preferred and BDU's are okay.

This will be an all-day activity.

If you are scheduled for ACT or SAT testing on 21 March, you should re-schedule your testing date if, possible. We cannot approve late arrivals for the CESSnA.  If you are unable to re-schedule your ACT of SAT testing, you will not be able to participate in CESSnA this year.

Every attendee will be evaluated on their ability and willingness, knowledge and skill, motivation and confidence. Evaluations cover drill performance, drill instruction, barrack instruction, uniform inspection, general CAP and encampment knowledge.

Those cadets with the highest scores OFTEN receive their first position selection. There is no guarantee.

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