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Cadet Encampment Staff Selection Activity (CESSnA)

The CESSnA activity scheduled for 21 March 2020 is postponed for at least the next 30 days to protect our CAP members’ safety and health.

Do NOT plan to attend.  Do NOT travel to Colorado Military Academy.

During the next 30 days, this decision to postpone CESSnA will be revisited.  Additional announcements are planned as circumstances change.


CESSnA is an acronym for Cadet Encampment Staff Selection Activity. CESSnA is an in-person skills assessment.  Cadets who have completed a student encampment are eligible to apply for a cadet staff position at the next Colorado Wing Encampment. CESSnA evaluates cadet knowledge, skill, and experience to select the best performers from all applicants to serve as cadet staff.

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