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Cadet Staff General Information

All cadet positions at encampment are working positions including all OIC/NCOIC positions. OIC applicants for positions may be from any Wing and must possess the Billy Mitchell Award.

Preference will be given to higher-ranking cadets.

All applicants will be Cadets of Good Standing at their unit and will be able to obtain the documented endorsement of their Squadron Commander.

Applicants must complete the Staff Registration Form.

Each applicant will be required to bring a completed, signed, encampment cadet staff application packet to CESSnA, including the previously selected staff members.

The cadet staff application packet will be available when the CESSnA Registration is opened. Each applicant must also bring a deposit check or money order for the encampment fee deposit for $100.00. Applicants who fail to bring the completed application and deposit to CESSnA will not participate in the activity and will not serve on cadet staff.

If an applicant is not selected for a cadet staff position, the deposit fee will be returned; usually, checks are not be cashed.

All cadet staff applicants must complete the CAP Introductory Communication User Training – ICUT before arriving at CESSnA. For 2020, ORM-Basic and Intermediate are not required.

If you arrive at CESSnA without having completed ICUT requirements, you will not participate. The training must be documented in CAP eServices.

Completion of ICUT requires a hands-on evaluation – discuss completion of this requirement with your squadron commander. Do not wait until the last minute to begin this training - You must make arrangements with an approved evaluator).

Each applicant must apply for a desired primary duty along with a second and third choice of desired duty positions. As part of living up to the Core Value of Volunteer Service, each applicant should be willing to accept another position if they are not selected for their desired choice. Each applicant should apply for three duty position choices. If an applicant applies for only one position and is not selected for that position, they will not be offered another position. Do not miss the opportunity to serve on cadet staff because of a failure to indicate a second or third duty position preference.

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