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Slots Available & Pre-Requisites

Available Cadet Staff Positions
and Available Slots

Pre-Requisite Requirements

  • Cadet Commander

  • Deputy Commander

  • Executive Officer

  • Squadron Commanders

  • Group First Sergeant

Interviews for the positions of Cadet Commander, Cadet Deputy Commander, Cadet Executive, Squadron Commanders and Group First Sergeant are scheduled for 25 January 2020.

Must have recent COWG encampment experience on cadet staff.

See Cadet Commander Selection for details.

  • Cadet Stan/Eval Staff (3)

  • Cadet Safety Officer (1)

  • Cadet Curriculum/Plans Officer (1)

Must be a Cadet Officer. Must have prior COWG Encampment experience on cadet staff.

  • Squadron First Sergeant (3)

Must be at least a C/MSgt when applying. Promotion to C/CMSgt desired before encampment, but not required. Must NOT complete Mitchell Milestone before encampment.  Must have recent cadet staff experience.

  • Flight Commander (9)

Must be Cadet Officer or C/CMSgt with Neil Armstrong Achievement completion and must complete Mitchell Milestone by 1 May 2020.  Recent experience at encampment desirable.

  • Flight Sergeant (9)

Must have completed Wright Brothers Milestone. Must NOT complete Mitchell Milestone before encampment. C/TSgt or above is preferred.

  • Logistics OIC/NCOIC (1)

  • Public Affairs OIC/NCOIC (1)

  • Health Services OIC/NCOIC (1)

  • Admin OIC/NCOIC (1)

Cadet Officer desired. However, highly qualified NCO may be selected.

  • Logistic Staff (2)

  • Public Affairs Staff (2)

  • Health Services Staff (2)

  • Admin Staff (1)

Cadet NCO.


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