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Encampment is an integral part of the Cadet Program and cadet life. Serving on cadet staff is leading by example.  It represents a reward for top performers with solid accomplishments. Cadets must therefore demonstrate regular advancement through the cadet program and active participation at the unit, group & wing level in emergency services, aerospace education, and other cadet activities.  Preference will be given to higher-ranking cadets.  Nonetheless, cadets who have not advanced within the last six months will be disadvantaged. 

All cadet positions at encampment are working positions including all OIC/NCOIC positions. OIC/NCOIC applicants for positions may be from any Wing.  OICs must possess the Billy Mitchell Award.  All applicants will be Cadets of Good Standing at their unit and will be able to obtain the documented endorsement of their Squadron Commander.  

Some positions have certain grade expectations.  For example, First Sergeants are expected to be Chief Master Sergeants; Flight Commanders are expected to be cadet officers.  Cadets applying for these positions should be within 56-days of completing the Goddard Achievement or Mitchell Award.  

Applicants must complete the Staff Registration Form.Each applicant will be required to bring a completed, signed, encampment cadet staff application packet to CESSnA.  This applies to anyone selected earlier for command staff.  If your unit will not meet before April 7th, arrange for your unit commander to email their endorsement to Lt Col McNeely and C/Lt Col Stephen Christian  (email address provided on Cadet Staff Application Procedure webpage).


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