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2019 COWG at USAFA Encampment


  • 10 May 2019: The application process for Basic Cadets (first-time encampment attendees) is closed.

  • 16 March 2019: The CESSnA Cadet Staff Selection for the remainder of the Cadet Staff positions has been completed. Results of the selection process are published on the Cadet Staff page.

  • 26 January 2019: Cadet Command Staff interviews and selection were completed.

2019 Encampment Key Dates

The 2019 Colorado Wing Encampment will be held at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) Preparatory School.

  • Cadet Staff and Senior Staff arrival: Tuesday, 4 June 2019. Time to be announced.

  • Basic Cadet (first time attendees) arrival: Saturday, 8 June 2019. 0900 hours.

  • Graduation: Saturday, 15 June 2019. Time to be announced.

2019 Encampment Fees

  • Basic Cadet Encampment Fee: $250.00

  • Cadet Staff Encampment Fee: $265.00

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