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Encampment Check-In Process

Parents dropping off cadets should plan to remain during the check-in process. You will be advised when it is OK to depart. Do not be late for check-in! Check-in will start at a specific time. If you arrive too early, you will still have to wait until check-in starts.

Haircuts and hairstyles will be inspected prior to check-in. Haircuts and hairstyles must meet CAP grooming standards throughout encampment. Staff will not allow you to in-process if your hair does not meet CAP grooming standards. If your hair/hairstyle does not meet standards you will be given a choice of going to the base barbershop for a haircut at your own expense. If you decline, you will not in-process and will not get a refund. The simple solution is to get a haircut that meets standards immediately before encampment and that will remain within standards throughout encampment. If in doubt, cut it shorter!

Encampment senior staff members will thoroughly inspect your luggage after check-in. Encampment staff will confiscate prohibited items.

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