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Encampment Eligibility

To participate, cadets must have completed the Curry Achievement and receive permission from their parent or guardian and unit commander. Cadets must be at least 12 years old by the start of encampment.

First-time encampment attendees must possess their Curry Achievement BEFORE applying.

The Student Application must be fully completed, signed by parents/guardians and the squadron commander. Incomplete Student Applications will be returned without action.

Unit commanders shall discuss the encampment environment with parents of their cadets, especially parents of cadets under age 14. It is conceivable that some of the youngest cadets will be best served if they attend encampment during their second cycle of eligibility.

Student cadets need to log in to CAP eServices confirm that all contact information is correct. This includes email addresses and telephone numbers for parents/guardians. Phone and Email communications prior to encampment will use the contact information in eServices. If your information in eServices is NOT correct, you will likely miss very important communications.

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