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Uniforms, Shoes and Boots

You must comply with uniform regulations. The US Air Force decides how we are supposed to wear the cadet service dress (blues) uniforms and Utility Uniforms (ABU/BDU). Regulations require exact placement of all insignia, patches, and accessories. If there are questions about this, contact your home squadron personnel. If you arrive at encampment with patches improperly sewn or in the wrong place, you are likely to be dismissed from encampment with no refund.

Correcting this problem is not encampment staff’s job!

Basic cadets must have uniforms inspected at their home unit before encampment. Ensure that your uniforms are correct prior to arrival.

Uniform shoes and combat boots must fit properly and be broken-in before encampment!

Each year, blisters are the most common injury at encampment and most are preventable by proper fit and break-in of boots and shoes. Start wearing your combat boots and dress shoes around the house. Two or three hours a week from for several weeks prior to encampment will really make a difference. It might be embarrassing to wear them away from home, but you have to break them in somehow.

We cannot stress this enough! You will be walking and/or marching several miles each day. This can be extremely painful with blisters.

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