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What do you need to bring to an encampment?

The Packing List on the encampment website contains items that all you must bring as well as contraband/prohibited items. All items on the list are required unless specifically indicated as optional. Check, double-check, and triple-check all items before departing for encampment.

Each year, some cadets arrive without required items. No spare uniform items are available at encampment. Although not required, an extra blues shirt and an extra set of ABU or BDU trousers and shirts are very helpful. Remember that sand/tan crew-neck t-shirts are required with ABUs. Black crew-neck t-shirts are required with BDUs.

As soon as the Packing List is published, usually in March, you should copy or download this list from the Cadet Encampment page of the Colorado Wing website. Start acquiring everything on the list early. This allows you more time to obtain some of the items. Squadron commanders or squadron supply officers can make recommendations and may be able to assist in obtaining uniform items. Some uniform items may require ordering so allow adequate time to receive them. No uniform items or accessories are available at encampment!

Important! Complete an inventory of all required items immediately prior to departing for encampment.

Do not over-pack. When you arrive at encampment, you will be carrying your own luggage. Depending on your barracks room assignment, you may have to carry everything up as many as three flights of stairs. A rolling suitcase or duffle bag will help.

Pack any medications, prescription and non-prescription in a plastic zip-lock bag and keep these in a location that you can get to easily. These will be checked during the check-in process.

Student Packing List

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