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Housing and Dining Facilities

You will be living in military dormitories during encampment. The dormitories are set up for two cadets per room in stacked bunk beds. A ladder accesses the upper bunk and one side of the bed is against a wall. There is a safety rail on the open side of the upper bunk. Upper and lower bunks are pre-assigned randomly. Roommates are pre-assigned by similar age. You do not get to select your roommate or your bunk. Male and female cadets are on separate floors and have separate bath/toilet facilities.

Dining facilities are at a nearby high school cafeteria. Food is prepared by food service professionals and served cafeteria-style. You must disclose legitimate food allergies and medical or religious dietary restrictions during the application process. Usually, there are enough different foods at each meal, so cadets will be able to select something they can eat.

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