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COWG Encampment Cancellation Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will payment/deposit be refunded?

A. Credit card payment/deposit will be processed on or before April 15, 2020.  The refund will be made to the credit card account used to make the payment/deposit.  Check payments/deposit will be processed as the "stay at home" allows encampment staff members opportunity to do so.  Money order payment/deposit will take the longest due to additional processing to refund the payment/deposit.  All refunds should be completed around April 30, 2020.

Q. Can I now attend an encampment in another wing?

A. Absolutely!  Be sure to comply with the hosting wing's application process.  Please notify your squadron commander of your plans to attend another wing's encampment.

Q. What about holding a winter encampment in Colorado?

A. The Cadet Program's team is looking into that possibility.  Thanks to work being done by the Cadet Advisory Council, several possible locations were suggested.  CP will be researching these locations and looking for others.  Please keep check the Encampment webpages for future updates. 

Q. Is there information on encampments within Rocky Mountain Region?

A. The Encampments of the surrounding Wings, all of which are already looking into how they can take on more students. Hopefully they don't have to cancel also.

     UT   13-20 JUN (Wendover)  Look at Utah Wing Cadet Program webpage HERE

     ID    18-25 JUL (Gowen Field)

     WY  25 JUL - 2 AUG (Guernsey)  Look at Wyoming's encampment webpage HERE

     MT 1 - 8 AUG (Harrison)  Look at Montana's encampment webpage HERE

     NHQ has encampment around the nation posted HERE

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