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Senior Members

Senior members are essential to the success of every encampment. Each encampment 25 to 30 senior members are needed to attend. Adults serve in roles a mentors, coaches and supervisors. The duties vary depending upon the role. Here are some positions.

TAC Officers are needed every year. One for each flight (6) and one for each squadron (2). The job is not difficult, but it is demanding. TACs are the adult supervisor and mentor.

Support staff seniors do the work to plan, schedule and keep encampment functioning throughout the week. Duties include from admin, finance, supply, public affairs and health services. Senior members plan each encampment detail from lodging, food, transportation, equipment, tours and the schedule. Planning for the next encampment begins as the current encampment ends. During the week, support position stage for the next event.

Senior members are need at the major events: Cadet Commander Selection, CESSnA, PIPER and encampment.

If you have not reviewed the First-Time Student and Cadet Staff pages doing so will provide a broader understanding of encampment.

The Encampment Information Booklet is designed to provide first-time senior members with a wide range of topics typically encountered at an encampment and serve as a refresher to returning senior staff.  While the Booklet is from 2018, the content is accurate.




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