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Senior Staff Member Qualification

Senior staff members are required to meet the following requirements:

  • Complete Level One of the Senior Member Professional Development Program.

  • Possess a full understanding of Risk Management (RM) and willingness to implement necessary risk controls.

  • Possess a current CAP Driver’s License.

  • Complete Communications ICUT Course.

Your role at encampment is much easier if you are:

  • Involved in the cadet program at the unit level.

  • Able to wear uniforms IAW CAPM 39-1.

  • Effective using oral and written communications.

  • Willing to sleep in adverse conditions (bunk beds, with a roommate, noisy buildings, etc.)

  • A role model of CAP Core Values.

  • Able to manage time and adhere to the schedule and meet deadlines.

As a senior staff member, you will be expected to:

  • To attend the full encampment including PIPER training.

  • Attend the mandatory Required Staff Training.

  • Be proficient in customs and courtesies.

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