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TAC Officer (Training Officer)

The Flight TAC should have a strong background in cadet programs and have a desire to help cadets grow. A Flight TAC is a mentor for each flight. The Flight TAC accompanies the flight at all times. Flight TACs are not “in charge” of the flight but must be present, at all times, to ensure safety and provide mentoring, supervision, support, and guidance to the flight commander and flight sergeant, as needed. Flight TACs are the key to keeping cadets safe and dealing with injuries or illness.

The Senior TAC is usually the most experienced TAC Officer in the squadron. The Senior TAC provides assistance and mentoring to the Squadron Commander and Squadron First Sergeant and ensures the safety and welfare of the squadron cadet staff and student cadets. The Senior TAC also serves as a mentor and coach to Flight TACs.

The Chief TAC supervises all TAC Officers. He/She acts to clarify schedule changes and ensures issues or problems are brought to leadership’s attention.

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