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Colorado Wing Headquarters
Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs Co, 80919
Normal Operating Hours is 8-5 CT Monday - Friday
Call 719-556-8280 to Contact the Wing Administrator



There are two administrative positions in the Colorado Wing.  One position, filled by Ian Carman, is a CAP corporate employee.  That job is called the Wing Administrator.  He is there to assist the Wing Commander in complying with corporate requirements.  He has a distinct job description and cannot go outside the bounds of that list of job duties.  Ian wears civilian clothes when performing the duties of Wing Administrator so when he shows up at your unit in "civies", he is not out of uniform, he is performing his job.  Ian is also a CAP volunteer member.  He does not do the same work when he volunteers.  You may see Ian at an actual mission or SAREX in uniform volunteering just like you.

The other administrative position in the Colorado Wing is the Director of Administration, filled by Capt Amy Griswold.  Amy does the work described in CAP Pamphlet 205.   Any personnel or staff transactions are to be routed through her. This is a very important job and works  alongside the Wing Administrator at COWG. However, the job descriptions are unique and completely separate from each other.    If you have any problems or concerns about doing your unit admin job, please let Amy know and she will do her best to get you the help you need. 


:  If you are sending any email request with or without attachment (promotion, award or monthly report) to Wing level or above;  If you SCAN a document to email to HQ, save it as a PDF (see below). There are FREE converters for PDF all over the internet (we recommend PDFCreator which is free).

If you ATTACH a document, save it with the following title:

  1. CAPF number
    For example, a PROMOTION for Senior Member JOHN DOE would have a title similar to "CAPF2_Doe_J_2Lt.pdf" or words to that effect. Likewise, other forms would have a similar title, such as "CAPF120_Doe_J.pdf" for a CAPF120, and so on
  2. Name of the member
  3. (optional) action taken

If you are a CREW CHIEF and are sending your monthly reports, the document will say "N1234X_April 2011_logs.pdf" for example (you can simply put "34X" for short).

Personnel requests (e.g. any CAPF2, CAPF2A, CAPF 11, CAPF24, CAPF 27, CAPF 31 or CAPF 120 forms are to be sent directly to Capt Amy Griswold), you may courtesy copy Mr Carman.  It is Capt Griswold's job to get the proper signatures and process the forms. Sending them directly to the COWG Commander only delays the process. 

We can not accept documents from a shared drive (e.g. DropBox, Google Docs, etc) at this time.

These may seem like a very small details, but they can make a tremendous difference on our end in routing attachments to the respective OPR.

Thanks a bunch for your help!
Ian Carman
COWG Wing Administrator,

Christina Archer, 1st Lt, CAP


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