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Finance Contacts


Email Phone Fax
Colorado Wing Finance Office
  (720) 847-5011
(720) 847-5009
Kristen Nolan, Maj      
Patricia Nettleblad, Maj    
Richard Oakes, Lt Col    
Thomas O'Melia, Lt. Col.    


Unit Credit Cards...

The wing has set up a corporate credit card that is available to all Squadrons.  In order to get a credit card, a unit must do the following:

  1. Create a credit card policy.
    ​​​Template has minimum requirements (See Credit Card Policy)
    Must state:
    Number of cards to be issued  
    Credit limit on card(s) (May be limited by Wing if too high)
    Other requirements for card use desired by Unit that increase restrictions
    Must comply with all regulations listed in CAPR 173-1
  2. Issue a letter (See Credit Card Signer's letter) stating who will be issued the card(s) (This person will be liable to Wing for any misuse of the card) and showing the signature of that individual and their agreement to be responsible for the card and other signers if desired.
  3. No cash advances will be allowed from the card. (That includes the purchase of cash cards with the Card.)
  4. The Unit will be liable for any interest, late charges, other penalty charges if the receipts or authorizations for charges are not submitted to allow for the prompt payment of the bill. (The card cycles on the 15th of the Month)

Wing will be the primary on the card and will have the right to put a stop on the card if misused.  Wing Finance and the Wing Commander will be the only persons allowed to contact the card issuer. No social Security numbers are required for the issuance of these cards.

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