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Staff Directory

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John Rhoades, Colonel

Vice Commander

Buddy McCormick, Lt Colonel

Chief of Staff

Kimberly Culp, Major

Director of Administration

Amy Griswold, Major

Director of Aerospace Education

William "Bill" Blatchley, Major

Director of Cadet Programs

Mary Beth Slocumb, Major

Director of Communications

Brian Foltz, Major

Director of Emergency Services

Mike Herrera, 1st Lt 

Director of Finance

Peter Roozing, Captain

Director of Government Relations

Gary Tobey, Colonel

Director of Information Technology

Jesse Slocumb, 2d Lt 

Director of Logistics and Supply

Andrew Rajca, Lt Colonel

Director of Operations

Chad Grondahl, Lt Colonel

Wing Aircraft Maintenance Officer

Matt Flanders, Major

Director of Personnel

Amy Griswold, Maj

Director of Professional Development

John Chesi, Capt

Director of Public Affairs

Mike Daniels, Lt Col

Director of Recruiting and Retention

Alexander Santiago, Major

Director of Safety

Rick Couch, Lt Col

Director of Transportation

Andrew Rajca, Lt Colonel

External Aerospace Education Officer 


Wing Chaplain

Sheri Lee, Lt Colonel

Wing General Counsel

Thomas N. Scheffel, Lt Colonel

Wing Historian

David L. Ellis, Lt Colonel

Wing Inspector General

Glenn Kavich, Colonel



CAP National HQ Contacts
Agencies requesting CAP Mission Support
should contact the CAP National Operations Center (NOC) at 888-211-1812



Colorado Legislative CO-999 
State Capitol Bldg, Denver, CO  80203
Meets at State Capitol Building
Commander: State Representative: Lt Col Dafna Michaelson Jenet



COWG Headquarters

Physical Address
Hangar 133
Peterson AFB CO

Phone: 719-556-8280
Fax: 719-556-6186

Mailing Address
HQ Colorado Wing 
Civil Air Patrol
325 W. Hamilton Avenue, Bldg 133
Peterson AFB CO  80914



COWG Annex
Colorado Wing Civil Air Patrol Offices 
19210 East Breckenridge Avenue, Stop 33
Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado  80011-9525
Fax: 720-847-5009



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