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All Squadrons Have a Microsoft TEAM Setup....
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Youth Aviation Initiative

CAP Cadets -- Youth Aviation Initiative -- Important Deadlines are Coming Up
Questions ? Email our Director of Cadet Programs

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Cadet Invest -- The Application Process is Open !!

Take-Off Program - TOP Cadet
Merit-based program supporting cadets at week-long powered and glider flight academies
Lift Program
Need-based program supporting cadets at week-long career explorations (NCSAs)
Cadet Wings Program
Merit-based program for cadets pursuing a private pilot certificate; ultra-competitive... new diamond of cadet life


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Search and Rescue

  • Dedicated Volunteers Supporting Colorado Counties and Cities
    • Trained Aircrews Provide Fire Watch
    • City and County Aerial Photo Support
    • Working with the USAF We Provide Homeland Security Support
    • State Wide Air and Ground Search and Rescue Capabilities 
    • We Operate Incident Command Centers 
    • Comprehensive State Wide Communications Capability
  • Become a Part of Our Colorado Team
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Leadership Opportunities

  • Join as a Senior Member
    • Pass on your Leadership and Life Experiences
    • Work with and Motivate Cadets (Age 12-18) to Attain Goals
  • Join as a Cadet Members
    • Learn Leadership from Cadet and Senior Staff
    • Grow into Leaders through a Structured Program
    • Have Fun and Learn 
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Cadet Programs

  • Become a Civil Air Patrol Cadet
    • Aerospace Education Program
    • Fly in Our Gliders and Powered Aircraft
    • Develop Life-Long Friendships
    • Attend a Summer Encampment
    • Learn to Fly Possibilities
    • Have Fun !!
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Community Service

  • Civil Air Patrol Members Provide all Forms of Volunteer Community Service
    • Our Senior Members Work with Local Colorado Schools Providing Aerospace Education
    • Colorado Pilots Conduct Orientation Flight for Cadets aged 12-18
    • Cadets are Trained and Can Provide Honor Guard Duties 
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Join Our Team

We are Team Colorado

  • World Class Aerospace Education Program
  • Highly Experienced Air and Ground Teams
  • Colorado Cadets Graduate to Become Outstanding Citizens
  • Known as a Strong Community Partner
  • We are a 501 (c)(3) Organization

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Director of Operations

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