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Commander: Col Celeste Gamache
Vice Commander: Lt Col Floyd McCormick
Chief of Staff: Lt Col Chuck Sellers
Director Of Aerospace Education: Maj William Blatchley
Director Of Cadet Programs: Lt Col Nathan Van Dam
Director Of Emergency Services: Maj William O'Connor
Director Of Safety: Maj Kristine McGovern
Director Of Operations: Lt Col William Waite
Director of Communications: Maj Eric Schwarm
Director of Recruiting and Retention Capt Ammon Hoover
Director of Public Affairs: 2d Lt Daniel Turner
Dir. Admin and Personnel Officer: Capt Amy Griswold
Director of Finance: Maj Kristen Nolan
Wing Administrator: Ian Carman 
Wing Chaplain: Lt Col Sheri Browning-Lee
Wing Inspector General: Capt Deborah McAllister
Director of Information Technology: Lt Col Morris "Mo" Hall
State Division Program Manager: Michael McDonald



CAP National HQ Contacts
Agencies requesting CAP Mission Support
should contact the CAP National Operations Center (NOC) at 888-211-1812

Colorado Legislative CO-999 
State Capitol Bldg, Denver 80203
Meets at State Capitol Building
Commander: State Senator: Maj Dafna Michaelson Jenet



Physical Address:
Hangar 133
Peterson AFB CO

Mailing Address:
Hq Colorado Wing 
Civil Air Patrol
325 W. Hamilton Ave Bldg 133
Peterson AFB CO

Phone: 719-556-8280
Fax:      719-556-6186

COWG Annex 
Colorado Wing Civil Air Patrol offices 
19210 East Breckenridge Avenue, Stop 33
Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado 80011-9525
Fax: 720-847-5009



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