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Last Updated:13 Oct 2023

Only staff serving as Primary are listed.
If no one is serving as Primary, the ranking Assistant is listed.
Duty Position
Full name
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Command Section
Commander Col Mike Fay  
Vice Commander Maj Daniel Kubitschek  
Chief of Staff Maj Robert Yusko  
Command NCO   vacant  
Executive Staff 
Inspector General Col Glenn Kavich  
Director of Safety Lt Col Richard Couch  
Government Relations Advisor Col Gary Tobey  
Legal Officer Lt Col Thomas Scheffel  
Diversity Officer 1st Lt Jason Chen  
Wing Chaplain
Wing Chaplain Lt Col Sherri Browning-Lee  
Character Development Instructor   vacant  
Wing Historian
Wing Historian 2d Lt John Huggard  
Director of Administration Capt Freddy Del Toro Soto  
Aerospace Education
Director of Aerospace Education Maj William Blatchley  
External Aerospace Education Officer Maj Barbara Adams  
Internal Aerospace Education Officer Capt Kenyon Reid  
Cadet Programs
Director of Cadet Programs 1st Lt Isaac Stone  
Cadet Activities Officer (assistant) Lt Col John Palermo  
Cadet Programs Development Officer Capt Emily Sawicki  
Drug Demand Reduction Administrator   vacant  
Director of Communications Capt Mark Sheets  
Engineering Officer Capt Mark sheets  
Licensing Officer Capt Mark Sheets  
Training Officer   vacant  
Director of Development   vacant  
Director of Finance 1st Lt Kirsten Turner  
Health Services
Health Services Officer Lt Col David Schall  
Information Technology
Information Technology Officer Capt Michael Schulte  
Website Manager Maj William Watson  
Director of Logistics Lt Col Andrew Rajca  
Aircraft Maintenance Officer Maj Matt Flanders  
Supply Officer Lt Col Michael Scott  
Transportation Officer Lt Col Andrew Rajca  
Director of Operations Maj Robert Yusko  
Asst Dir of Ops : Flt Ops Officer Maj Glen Smith  
Asst Dir of Ops : sUAS Officer Capt Benjamin Garrison  
Asst Dir of Ops : Cadet Flt Trng Officer Lt Col Shawna Rochelle Kimbrell  
Standards & Evaluations Officer Lt Col Dave Novotny  
Counter-Drug Officer   N/A  
Alerting Officer Lt Col Henry Eng  
Emergency Services
Director of Emergency Services Capt Sanjay Tyagi  
ES Officer Lt Col Henry Eng  
ES Training Officer 1st Lt Felix Zheng  
CIS Officer Maj Daniel Cochran  
Disaster Relief Officer (assistant) Lt Col Peter Dunn  
Homeland Security Officer Maj Paul Shoen  
Search and Rescue Officer Lt Col Michael McDonald  
Personnel Officer Capt Freddy Del Soto Toro  
Plans and Programs
Plans and Programs Officer   vacant  
Professional Development
Director of Education and Training Capt John Chesi  
Testing Officer Lt Col Jose Hernandez  
Public Affairs
Public Affairs Officer 2nd Lt Rachel McLaughlin  
Director of Recruiting   vacant  
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