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Getting Started

Getting Started in CAP

Visit us. Contact a local squadron to arrange a visit to a monthly squadron meeting.  If you are active duty or retired, just show up and introduce yourself. Talk with some members.

Being an active part of CAP is a commitment in time as you study, learn and serve with other like-minded men and women. Each person, with their individual talents and skills, is needed to make the team function smoothly and effectively. The rewards can literally be life-changing.

After you have attended 2 squadron meetings and find CAP something you can "sink your teeth into" proceed to Step 1 below.

Step 1:

Your next step is to contact the Squadron Commander and arrange to complete the appropriate CAP application. During this process, you will be fingerprinted for an FBI background investigation. Along with the application, you will need to write a check (or use credit card) for membership dues.

After approval by our National Headquarters (will take a couple of weeks) you will be assigned a CAP ID which will allow you access to our on-line system for training. You should receive your ID in the mail soon.

While waiting for your CAP ID, feel free to browse through these web sites:

We sincerely hope your time with CAP is personally fulfilling as you serve your country and your community. Glad to have you aboard Airman!

Step 2 – Register on eServices.

After you receive your CAP ID,  you will need to register on the eServices web site and create a password. Click the link under First Time Users?  to register.  By the way, the eServices site is the brains of CAP — it is the go-to place for information. You will be visiting here a lot.

Be sure to upload a current photo for ID purposes. It is much like a passport photo.

Here are the photo requirements

Some squadrons meet on military installations. If you do not have a DoD ID card, you will need to get a base pass This can be obtained from the Squadron Commander.

Step 3 – Level 1 Orientation
Before you can participate in CAP events, you must complete Level 1 Orientation. This is on the CAP eServices web site and is a good introduction to CAP and what we do.

Step 4 – Uniform

Take a break from your studies and acquire a basic uniform. Click the link for uniform information.

Step 5 – Discussion

Once you have completed the Level 1 on-line course you are required to meet with the Squadron Commander or Professional Development Officer to answer questions and outline a plan of action.

Step 6 – Emergency Services training

The Learning Management System [LMS] contains both Professional Development and Emergency Services training (You have already been there with your Level I training). It will keep track of your progress as you go along. For now, let’s concentrate on the ES training so you can participate in actual missions. Go here -> Initial Training.

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