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Using the Interactive Unit Map find a unit near you with contact information. Center the map on your location to obtain the best view of local units. We recommend that once you make contact with a unit you attend several meetings to meet people and get a feel for the activities of that particular Squadron. CAP has different types of units:

Senior Squadrons -- Cadets are not allowed to join a Senior Squadron. Most Senior Squadrons in Colorado have aircraft and are very involved in search and rescue activities.

Cadet Squadrons -- Made up of Cadets and Senior members. Senior members work with the Cadets and mentor them through the program. As Cadets go through the program they advance into various leadership roles. At the age of 18 Cadets may become Senior members.

Composite Squadrons -- A blend of both Senior and Cadet Squadrons. 

School Squadrons -- Associated with a particular Middle/High School. There are very few School Squadrons in CAP and only two in Colorado.

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