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Alert System - Request Form

Contact the COWG Alert System Manager

The Colorado Wing (COWG) Alert and Paging System will send messages as text messages to smartphones, as e-mails, and to AMS.NET pagers. Alerts and pages are sent to the four alerting groups in COWG:

  • Group 1: Front Range North

  • Group 2: Western Slope

  • Group 3: Front Range South

  • Group 4: Greater Denver Area

Seniors / Cadets: You must complete the General Emergency Services (GES) qualification and either be qualified or a trainee in any Emergency Services skill in order to be added to the COWG Alert System.

Emergency Services Members: Complete the following form to enroll, update, or remove your information from the COWG Alert System.

  • Enrollment: Include your cell phone number and/or e-mail address, your service provider, and the alert group(s) needed.

  • Updates: Describe the needed changes.

  • Removal: State the phone number and/or e-mail address that should be removed.

The Alert Manager will send a confirmation e-mail once the request has been processed.

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