Colorado Wing
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Colorado Wing Headquarters
Peterson AFB, 135 Dover St, Bldg 350, Suite 2025  Colorado Springs Co, 80914

Normal Operating Hours is 0700-1530 mtn Monday - Friday
Call 719-556-2327 to Contact the Wing Administrator



There are two administrative positions in the Colorado Wing.  One position, filled by Lisa Foss is a CAP corporate employee.  That job is called the Wing Administrator.  Ms Foss is hired to assist the Wing Commander in complying with corporate requirements.  She has a distinct job description and cannot go outside the bounds of that list of job duties.  

The other administrative position in the Colorado Wing is the Director of Administration and Personnel, filled by Maj Amy Griswold.  Maj Griswold does the work described in CAP Pamphlet 205.   Any personnel or staff transactions are to be routed through Maj Griswold. This is a very important job and works  alongside the Wing Administrator at COWG. However, the job descriptions are unique and completely separate from each other.    If you have any problems or concerns about doing your unit admin job, please let Maj Griswold know and she will do her best to get you the help you need. 

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