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VHF Radio Net Procedures:
VHF radio nets are held at1830 local on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  
Tune to your local linked repeater to participate. 
Non-linked repeaters (like Denver) should have locally run nets.
Communications Mission CAPR 100-1: 
The mission of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Radio Communications Program is to meet the validated communications requirements of internal and external customers. Validation consists of approval by CAP Command and/or the Air Force. This mission is accomplished by strong planning to organize and maintain a reliable, integrated, point-to-point, air-to-ground, and ground mobile radio capability in support of the missions of CAP. Please review CAP Regulation 100-1 for detailed information.
Communications Operations CAPR 100-3:
The aim of this regulation is to prescribe procedures for use by all elements of Civil Air Patrol internal nets. Its purpose is to provide a standardized way of passing speech and data traffic as securely as possible consistent with accuracy, speed and the needs of command and control, while remaining compliant with the intent of the ICS/NIMS program. Please review CAP Regulation 100-3 for detailed information.
Become a CAP Communications Officer CAPP 214:
This pamphlet will prepare members for the responsibilities of a Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Communications Officer. The contents of this pamphlet apply to all levels, including the Squadron Communications Officer, the Wing Director of Communications and the Region Deputy Chief Of Staff for Communications.


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