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COWG Operations is broken down into several areas. Important documents published by Colorado Wing or Rocky Mountain Region are found below. Links to various pages at National Hq are found as links on the right panel of the webpage.
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Receipt Checklist and Procedures

Vendor fuel and oil receipts must have the following information:

  1. Vendor Name and Location.

    1. Tail number and Credit Card number (last 4 digits).

    2. Receipt date the same as the sortie date? (This may be one day later with no further explanation.)

  2. Gallons are correct.

  3. The price per gallon and total dollar cost.

Receipt must be legible in its original form, especially hand-written receipts. DO NOT trace over original receipt for legibility.

You can fly multiple sorties without refueling if they are the same mission symbol. If you have more than one receipt for one sortie, (i.e., pre- and post-flight refueling) combine receipts into one .pdf. Label the receipts as Preflight and Postflight.

COWG Operating Instructions require the following additional information on your receipt:

  1. Pilot name and CAPID

  2. Mission number

  3. Sortie number(s)

  4. Hobbs time(s) covered by this refueling. Also, explain on the receipt and in Air Sortie Debrief Crew Notes which sorties are included on the receipt (for example: Fuel includes sorties 45 and 46).


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