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Air Shows & other AE Events in Colorado

Please contact the COWG DAE if you know of airshows, AE events of general interest, or resources that others in the Wing can take advantage of. 

And into the future:

2019 AE Events in Colorado

Details will be posted as they become available

AE deadlines 

All AE and AEX reports are filed on-line
through eServices

Important: all AE deadlines operate on the federal fiscal year
October 1 through September 30

Annual Squadron AE Plan of Actions--Due 1 October for the upcoming Fiscal Year

Annual Squadron AE Activity Report -- Due 1 October for the Fiscal Year just completed

Squadron commanders must approve NLT 15 October so Group / Wing can approve

AEX signups - any time prior to 30 September of current Fiscal Year 

AEX reports -- Due by 30 September of current Fiscal Year (can now be saved as each activity is completed)

Planning for the next total solar eclipses in the USA?

There will be two (2023 and 2024) an annular as well as a total eclipse. Neither will cross Colorado. The paths will be through nearby states (NM, TX, OK, KS) so there will be plenty of opportunity to see these amazing solar events. 


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