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  • Vanguard is now selling sUAS Wings. Please review the CAPF 35-6 listing the ratings and requirements.

Program Objectives

  • The Colorado Wing sUAS program will establish, train and maintain high competence among our sUAS Mission Pilots to be used as needed for CAP/FEMA missions throughout the state of Colorado.
  • Each group will have a minimum of 2 sUASMP and sUAST Instructors to host monthly sUAS training events. These instructors are appointed by and report to the Wing Director of Unmanned Operations and his staff.

The sections below are summaries. Please refer to CAPR 70-4 and the documents in the right panel for detailed instructions.

To earn/maintain privileges to fly CAP sUAS aircraft:

  • COWG sUAS Program details and CAP forms for sUAS operations can be found in sUAS Resources
  • The current CAPR 70-4 is the “bible” of CAP sUAS flight regulations. There’s a good chance the answers to your questions about flying sUAS in CAP are in 70-4. Look there first, please.
  • An sUAS Mission Pilot “Checkout” (commonly called a Form 91U) is required every two years for those pilots who wish to earn and retain a sUAS Mission Pilot emergency services specialty qualification.
  • All sUAS pilots (Mission Pilots and Recreational Pilots) must complete a CAPF Form 5U annually.
  • Both Form 5U and Form 91U evaluations are administered by a trained and qualified CAP sUAS instructor pilots at the group level under the direction of the COWG DOU and his/her staff. (See CAP Regulation 70-4 for details.)

sUASMP (Pilot) Qualifications/Requirements

  • Completion of FEMA IS-5.a, 100,200,700,800 courses
  • Completion of the SQTR’s listed in the sUASMP Worksheet
  • Maintain a sUAS flight Logbook showing a documented minimum of 4 hours to start.
  • FAA TRUST Certification (Recreational and Part 107 Pilots) (TRUST Link
  • Current FAA Part 107 Certification
  • sUAS Mission Pilot Checkout Form 91U (Certified Every 24 months)
  • Form 5U (Certified Every 12 months) 

sUAST (Technician) Qualifications/Requirements

  • Completion of FEMA IS-5.a, 100,200,700,800 courses
  • Completion of the SQTR’s listed in the sUAST Worksheet
  • FAA TRUST Certification (Recreational and Part 107 Pilots) (TRUST Link
  • Maintain a sUAS flight Logbook
    • Usually the flight controller software such as DJI Pilot, DJI Fly etc. will track your flights. If you use your own phone/tablet with the software installed, you will have a record of each flight.
    • The flight information can be entered/ into a manual logbook or spreadsheet as well.
      • Some data fields to consider:
        • Date/time of flight(s) -- multiple flights on the same date may be grouped together
        • If CAP mission the mission #/sortie#. If recreational, then "REC" or your own note
        • Aircraft flown (model)
        • PIC/Observer
        • Location (GPS coordinates)
        • Total duration of ll flights on this mission-sortie

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To express interest in becoming part of the COWG sUAS team CLICK HERE.

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