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Cadet Advisory Council

The Cadet Advisory Council (CAC)


The Cadet Advisory Council (CAC) is a cadet-led council that was created to provide a place for cadets to obtain leadership experience at higher levels of organization. The CAC has three main purposes which are to develop leadership, assist commanders, and improve the cadet program. The council meets once a month and is a source of communication between cadets, senior members, and other echelons of Cadet Advisory Councils. The CAC consists of a chair, vice-chair, and recorder. A primary and an assistant representative are appointed by each squadron. The CAC has a history of accomplishing a wide range of tasks. Some of its most notable achievements are the creation of the Cadet Honor Society, and the “Murph” Challenge, as well as involvement with Cadet Competition. The COWG CAC currently has a total of 44 representatives. With plans to recruit nearly 250 new members, wing CAC representatives can be recognized by a red shoulder cord, and previous members with a white ribbon. This term, the CAC is working on a number of things. This includes a PT competition, service academy resources, aerospace education resources, as well as ground team initiatives. Cadets who wish for something to be discussed at the CAC meetings are encouraged to bring it up with their squadron representative for discussion

What's Happening (Upcoming Events)

Current events can be found on the COWG Calendar.

CAC Officers

The current CAC Officers and links to their biographies are listed below.
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CAC Officers
Allen, Broderick
Cassidy, Abigayle
Cole, Margaret
Denham, Patrick
Dinkins, Makenna
Gillespie, Noah
Griffith, Ethan
Hola, Spencer
Inglee, Daniel
Jimenez, Felisha
Kubitschek, Kenzie
Kuzanek, Konner
Lane, Micah
Lopez-Maheras, Pablo
Mormon, Jack
O'Hara, Nathaniel
O'Hayre, Nicole
Olsen, Trevor
Paine, Kyra
Parkoff, Zvi
Proctor, Stephen
Stewart, Zakery
Strozier, Joshua
Turner, Kyla
Wiseman, Evan

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