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       *** Summer 2023 COLORADO WING ENCAMPMENT ***

Encampment Commander:  Capt Chris Peck
Encampment Deputy Commander:
Encampment Commandant: 

Applications are open!  Apply here:  Encampment Application

for Student Cadets (cadets who have NOT attended an Encampment before).

<-- See CESSnA information by clicking the link on the left or HERE.

There is a lot of excitement happening for the   2023 Colorado Wing Summer Encampment 

9-16 June 2023  (Friday to Friday) 
US Air Force Academy Prep School 
Colorado Springs, Colorado
All Student Applicants:  
  • All Applicants must complete the Curry Achievement by application submission 
  • Complete all the Encampment application forms - Don’t miss any! 
  • Obtain approval from your squadron commander and parents via signatures
  • Upload the forms on the website fully completed, legible, and BEFORE THE DEADLINE


  • Encampment acceptance will be based on legible and complete applications ONLY
  • You are only accepted if your application has met the requirements stipulated on the forms. 
This summer’s encampment is in high demand so please submit early! Cadets with completed applications will be considered first and we only have 110 beds for students!  Priority will be given to Cadets who need Encampment for Promotion, Covid Waiver, and Colorado Wing cadets. 
Application deadline:  April 8, 2023, 23:59 hours
Cadets slotted for the COWG 2023 Summer Encampment will be notified via email on April 10th. 
If you have any questions the encampment team is ready to help! 
Please send us an email at if you have any questions or concerns.
2nd Lt Karen Peck


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