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Cadet Encampment


5-12 June 2024


  • WHO:

    • Cadets with Curry or higher to attend as First Time Students

    • Cadets who have previously attended an Encampment to serve as Cadre

    • Seniors who can serve as Training or Staff Officers to work with cadets

  • WHAT:

    • Mission - The purpose of the cadet encampment is for cadets to develop leadership skills, investigate the aerospace sciences and related careers, commit to a habit of regular exercise, and solidify their moral character.

  • WHERE:

    • US Air Force Academy Prep School, Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • WHEN:

    • Encampment - 5-12 June 2024 (mark your calendars!)

    • Staff Training (PIPER) - 3-4 June 2024 onsite, additional training TBD

    • Cadet Cadre Selection (CESSnA): scheduled 23 March 2024

  • WHY:

    • Encampment is a cadet’s key to many Civil Air Patrol opportunities from rising in leadership and grade in their squadrons to National Cadet Special Activities.

  • HOW:

    • First-time Cadet Applications are now available on eServices via Registration Zone. Here is the direct link:

      • You will need to login to eServices

      • If the link does not work for you.  Navigate to Registration Zone and place ‘RMR-CO’ in the search bar.  This will take you to just the Colorado events and you should find the Encampment Student Applications quickly. 

    • If you have difficulty with the Registration Zone process, not to worry!  Let us know at 

      • Registration Zone is a new process for all of Civil Air Patrol and we do expect to work out some bumps.  

      • There are humans behind all of this and we understand if something didn’t go right.  We will work with you.  


Primary Point of Contact [PoC] is:

2d Lt Karen Peck, Administrative Officer

Tip: make sure this email is in your address book so you don’t miss updates!

Commander: Capt Chris Peck
Deputy Commander: Lt Col Don Bolles
Commandant of Cadets: 1st Lt Stephen Christian
Chief of Staff: Lt Col Andy Rajca

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