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Cadet Staff-CESSnA


Colorado Wing Cadets, Squadron Commanders of Cadet and Composite Units, and Parents:
- For those applying for Encampment Cadet Staff positions - please read this email carefully.


The 2022 Colorado Wing Encampment Cadet Staff Selection Activity (CESSnA) is scheduled for Saturday, 2 April 2022

This will be a one-day ONLY activity. In the event some interested cadets may not be able to attend CESSnA on that date, an alternate interview process will be available. However, due to the competitive nature of the selection process, attendance at the activity will significantly increase chances of selection to encampment cadet staff.


Activity Location: Colorado National Guard Facility6848 South Revere Parkway, Centennial, CO 80112

Date/Time: Saturday, 2 April 2022   07:30

Arrive by 0730 for sign-in. This is an all-day activity. Planned completion time is approximately 1700; however, some applicants may be done sooner. Bring mobile phone to coordinate earlier pickup if being dropped off and/or picked up.


Uniform: ABUs  


CESSnA Online Pre-Registration: To register for CESSnA, you must complete the online CESSnA Pre-Registration Form no later than 2359 hours on Monday, 28 March. The Online Registration Form is available now. This is only a CESSnA Activity Registration and not the cadet staff encampment application. Cadets failing to register for CESSnA by the 28 March deadline will not participate in CESSnA.  

Online CESSnA Registration Form:


Pre-CESSnA Document Submission and Training Requirements: In addition to completing the Online CESSnA Registration, applicants must submit certain documents and need to complete ICUT Radio training. Cadets applying for Health Services staff positions have additional training requirements. Packets will be emailed out to those Registered for CESSnA with links and additional instructions.


CESSnA Evaluation Process: 

This is a very competitive activity! Be prepared! Although attendance at CESSnA is not mandatory for selection, those attending in person stand a better chance of being selected for cadet staff. The alternate interview process does not allow the in-depth evaluation possible at the actual activity.

  • Preparation information will be emailed out to each cadet registered.  
  • Regardless of the position applied for, all applicants will participate in all parts of the evaluation process.

** Please be advised the Air Force Academy has a requirement that anyone participating in an over-night activity be fully vaccinated.  This is a USAFA policy and not open for debate with Encampment Executive Staff. **   
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