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Cadre Selection

The 2024 COWG Summer Encampment Cadet Staff Selection Activity

will be announced at a later date.


The information below will be updated in Late February as the Summer application window opens.


Squadron Commander, Group First Sergeant, and Standardization/Evaluation Applications will close on 9 October 2023 at 2359.

All other applications are now open and will close on 16 October 2023 at 2359.

All applicants must have completed their student encampment and achieve the minimum grade required by 26 December 2023, with no exceptions!


Positions to apply for:

  • Mission Support Group Deputy Commander (C/2d Lt Minimum)
  • Operations Group Deputy Commander (C/2d Lt Minimum)
  • Group First Sergeant (C/CMSgt Minimum)
  • Squadron Commander (C/Capt Minimum)
  • Flight Commander (C/2d Lt Minimum)
  • Flight Sergeant (C/MSgt Minimum)
  • Standards and Evaluations Staff (C/2d Lt Minimum, C/Capt or higher preferred)
  • Public Affairs Staff (C/SSgt Minimum)
  • Logistics Staff (C/SSgt Minimum)
  • Health Services Staff (C/SSgt Minimum)
  • Mess Staff (C/SSgt Minimum)
  • Administration Staff (C/SSgt Minimum)

All Applicants will be required to submit the following:

1. Cover letter stating the three positions (in order of preference) that you are looking to apply for and why you are qualified for the positions, IAW The Air Force Tongue and Quill, AFH-33-337.

2. One-page resume, IAW The Air Force Tongue and Quill, AFH-33-337.

3. A recommendation from your unit commander using this form.

4. Uniform Pictures. Cadre Applicants will take two full body length pictures in both the Class B Blues Uniform and ABU Uniform. Covers will be worn.


Job-Specific Requirements:


Operations Staff Applicants (Flight Sergeants, Flight Commanders, First Sergeants, Squadron Commanders, Group First Sergeants, Operations Group Deputy Commander)

  1. Teaching Drill Video

All applicants must explain the six-step drill teaching method and use it to instruct one of the following drill movements:

Column Left, MARCH

Column of the Files from the Right, Forward, MARCH

To The Rear, MARCH

  1. A written response to one of the attached scenarios.

Stan/Eval Applicants:

  1. A written response to one of the attached scenarios.

Mission Support Group:

Prior experience in support staff in or out of CAP experience required.


Public Affairs Staff Applicants:

  1. Submit a short article about anything CAP-related. This can be anything from a squadron meeting to a wing-wide activity to a previous encampment. This article will be approximately 200-300 words in length.

Health Services Staff Applicants:

  1. Basic First Aid is required before 26th of December, but a higher level of medical qualification is strongly preferred.

Administration Staff Applicants:

  1. Prior experience working with technology (Excel, Word, Docs, Sheets, Slides, printing, etc.)


Further leadership questions will be asked of all cadre applicants during the online staff selection activity.

All applicants must email their application information to and as one document. 

If you run into any issues please email the 2023 Colorado Wing Winter Encampment Commandant of Cadets, TSgt Shania Sabanjo, at and copy the encampment email at

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