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Logistics and Supply


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  • If an AF or DoD unit wants to donate equipment to your CAP unit, please have them contact the Director of Logistics.


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Logistics and Supply

Logistics covers a broad area of responsibility. Supply is the area with which members are most familiar. Uniform items are available at Supply. Logistics is familiar to Unit Commanders because computers are signed out from there. Transportation provides vehicles to eligible units, monitors the vehicle maintenance process, and provides CAP drivers licenses to qualified members. Real estate leases for CAP meeting places are also handled by Logistics. Logistics also tracks aircraft parts for aircraft maintenance.

Next to Finance, Logistics is the area most likely to draw the attention of inspectors because of the value of the assets that are handled by its departments. Each year the Air Force inspects CAP with a Survey Audit. This inspection covers equipment at Wing level as well as equipment at the unit level. The inspection also randomly selects units so that vehicles and aircraft can be inspected. Communications equipment is also inspected at this time. Simple things like "is the unit storage room clean and organized" can affect the outcome of this inspection. All paperwork and computerized systems like ORMS, Operational Resource Management System, are subject to inspection. The Air Force wants to know how well CAP is managing the assets that it has paid for and provided to CAP. Of course, the CAP Corporation is also concerned with how units maintain the equipment, vehicles, and aircraft it funds.

Logistics is the responsibility of every member. Just like Safety, we are all responsible for protecting the assets that belong to CAP. When leaving a unit meeting, we all should be aware of whether the equipment has been left out or put away properly. We all should help put things away and secure open locks. If an item is not being cared for properly, it can be taken away from the unit. More importantly, it can be lost or stolen, which also makes it unavailable for unit use. Tell someone when you see unsecured equipment. Your unit Logistics/Supply Officer and your Unit Commander are ultimately responsible, but it is our job too. We appreciate your help!

Wing Supply Location

  • Logistics is located on Buckley AFB, Building 838 in Aurora, CO.

  • Wing Supply is in the East end of the building. The door has the CAP shield on it.

  • Wing Supply will be open on the last Saturday of the month, upon request.

Due to the issues getting on base, we do not expect drop-in visitors. Therefore, until further notice, Wing Supply will only be open if we receive a request for it at least 7 days in advance to allow for planning.

Access to Buckley AFB is by military ID, DBIDS card, or Entry Access List.

If units have broken or no longer needed items on their Equipment Inventory, please notify Logistics by email of your intent to dispose of these items. We will assist you in getting that done.

Real Property (Real Estate)

Real Property refers to any real estate owned, rented or used by Civil Air Patrol. There are several issues that are affected by real estate. CAP Finance needs to know because any buildings or property owned by Wings or Units are assets and have to be tracked for tax purposes and depreciation purposes. CAP Legal needs to know for insurance and liability reasons, as well as to ensure that any rental agreements are legally entered into.

The ORMS module is currently live.

Expiring rental agreements need to be renewed. New agreements need to be documented and uploaded in ORMS when a unit moves locations. The proper approvals and signatures need to be obtained on any leases or purchases being made. Memorandums of Understanding with military installations and leases must be reviewed by Wing Legal and signed by the Wing Commander. It is important to keep both Wing Legal and Wing Logistics informed of changes so we can help ensure units are legal.

These are inspection items in the Annual Survey Audit and the Wing Compliance Inspection.

Questions on Real Property

If Commanders or Logistics Officers have questions about Real Property or whether the Wing has documentation that matches the current status of the Unit, please contact the Wing Director of Logistics.

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