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Our Schleicher ASK21, N221CP, is finally repaired and back in service at Boulder Airport.  lt also now carries a SPOT Messenger. Log into Operations for information on SPOT tracking.

YES - We are flying:  Both at Boulder and at Meadow Lake Airport off Highway 24 just east of Colorado Springs - Our newest operating location.  Meadow Lake Airport is just east and south of the town of Falcon.  See the maps on the right menu and/or call ahead for directions as the glider operation is entered from the south side of the airport and you will need to drive well to the left of the runway to reach the Clubhouse.  The Super Blanik L23 is stationed there and is ready to fly seven days a week depending on Pilot availability.  Next summer should be exciting with all the potential O'rides and training that may be available as the High Flights Soaring Club grows into their new 4000'  turf runway.  As a minimum all CAP pilots who wish to fly the L-23 will have to join High Flights Soaring Club as Associate members - but that is free unless you also intend to fly HF gliders.   

  FREMONT County Airport-Canon City:  The Fremont Starfire Cadet Squadron has moved their base of operations onto Fremont County Airport with a double wide trailer.  We are looking at the possibility of setting up an occasional secondary glider operations there.

The Glider Program Manager is reviewing the past years of glider sorties as a determining factor in the distribution of flights throughout the Wing and also using the current O'Ride allocation process to provide a fair allocation of support for the Cadet Squadrons.  Plans are in progress for road trips throughout the state in order to maximize flights and minimize costs.


  Name Role
  Bob Lynn, Capt CFI-G, CPE, FRO, Boulder Operations
  Carl Keil, Maj CFI-G, CPE, FRO, RMR POC Gliders
  Dick Eason, LtCol CFI-G, FRO
  Jer/ Eberhard, LtCol CFI-G, CPE, PM,
  John Norton CFI-G, CPE, FRO, Meadow Lake Ops
  Patrick Moylan, LtCol CFIG



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