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Date: 10FEB21

Title: Leading Through Fire

Synopsis: Leadership talk led by Capt Boldrin Jefferson County Senior Squadron.

Link: Watch the video

Date: 30JAN21

Title: You're a leader now! Lessons for the future.

Synopsis: Lt Col Melissa Dombrock, USAF Leader/Pilot/FAO/Olmsted Scholar Wife/Mom/Daughter/CAP Spaatz Cadet discusses her career in the USAF.

Links: Presentation   Watch the video

Date: 16JAN21

Title: Life and Leadership Lesson while flying 600 Miles Per Hour

Synopsis: Retired Marine Corps Colonel and Harrier jet pilot Mike Gough will discuss lessons he learned over his 30-year career with the Marines. He will talk through a few real-life flying scenarios that have learning outcomes applicable to leadership, ethics, and character development.

Link: Watch the video

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